Timéo Geimer

Apprentice developer

My homemade site, a real project !

My name is Timéo Geimer, here is my first official website and 99% finished! Please take the time to visit it.

The site is 90% completed, work in progress, currently this is 150 hours of work !

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My passions

vtt setup

Still so much to learn ...

Apprendre Source : https://www.courslangues.com/paris/apprendre/anglais

About-me !

My name is Timéo, passionate about IT from an early age, I want to make it my job as soon as possible!

Developpement Roadmap

Version Description Date of Release
Version 1.0 (Initial Release) This is the Initial Release March 10
Version 1.5 Add a contact form (Other programm not PHP), corection of bugs, add a new form of CSS3 March 25
Version 1.6 (HOTFIX) Correction of bug with contact form March 26
Version 1.7 Add logo on top April 5
Version 2.0 Add a new domain for my Site (geimertimeo.ovh), create a login form with PHP and MySql April 17
Version 2.1 Add a Roadmap and correction of the login form April 17
Version 2.2 Add Steam logo, correction of Login Form (0.9 beta), add PHP (Beta version) April 18
Version 2.3 Corecton of bugs (hotfix), add a loading page for INDEX April 25
Version 2.3.5 (minor) Corecton of bugs,... April 27
Version 2.3.6 Correction with Contact form, add a section WIP, start code for forum..., add a CGU (Conditions Generales d'utilisaton) April 29
Version 2.3.9 (minor version) Add a newsletter programm (97% finished) in dashboard, correction of bug, ((I continue code for forum (15%).)) May 5
Version (HOT-FIX) Corection of bugs with small resolution, add a responsive image, start code for NEWS. ((PS : I finished the code for contact form !)) May 8
Version 2.4 Corection of bugs minors, add a contact form with PHP, responsive design with phone, roadmap, responsive bar,... May 15
Version 2.4.5 Enter Final Phase before the 3.0, continue code for news..., bug correction, add recaptcha security, add animation border in scroll down, add cookie popup consent... May 28
Version 2.5 Corection of bugs with contact form, Add a responsive progress bar, Add Newsletter and incorpore the Newsletter June 2
Version 2.6 + HOTFIX Click here for details 28/06/2021
Version 2.6.5 Add.....
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Phase 3 Last Update !


Add the French (YES !), complete redesign of the site, Bug correction, add an interactive console of developpement, add others languages, Add points based on experience on my site and many other things...
End of T2 2021 (Trimestre)

Professional Skills



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